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Vol. 24(1), January 2017

Competition and efficiency among Vietnam’s commercial banks
Phan Thi Thom & Than Thi Thu Thuy
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KeywordsCompetition Efficiency Commercial banks.
QuotePhan Thi Thom & Than Thi Thu Thuy (2017), "Competition and efficiency among Vietnam’s commercial banks", Tạp chí Phát triển Kinh tế 24(1), 102-116.
AbstractThis article investigates the impact of bank competition on cost and profit efficiency in the Vietnam’s commercial banking system dur-ing 2005–2014. Based on different testing techniques, our results agree with the findings of Turk-Ariss (2010) that bank competition has a negative effect on profit efficiency and those of Pruteanu-Podpiera et al. (2008) and Maudos and de Guevara (2007) that bank competition is negatively related to cost efficiency. We also find that inflation and lag of competition are the two factors affect-ing the competition among these banks.
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